Job interview Questions For Editorial writing an Translation Jobs

Usual Job interview Questions to expet for Editorial Writing and Translation Jobs

  • Which approach do you have to research on a topic and to find relevant information?
  • Which of your recent pieces do you like most and why?
  • How would you deal with a difficult author, who does not accept or constantly criticizes your editing?
  • What opinion do you have about the texts on our website/in our newspaper? If you would have to change something, what would it be?
  • How do you assess the role of social media in your position?
  • What topics are easiest for you to work on? With what kind of topics do you have difficulties?
  • How well can you cope with dialects and accents, when translating something?
  • Did you ever experience a situation in which you had to translate an upsetting content or in which you were facing an ethical dilemma? How did you react?
  • If you are under time pressure, what do you focus on while translating a text? Communicating the exact content or reproducing the tune of what was said?

Linda is a professional with whom you’ll have the right click from the start. She is conscientious about delivering based on your expectations. With her guidance you’ll be able to look at yourself from a bird’s eye view and discover with precision what is most valuable from your past experience for your future career.

Zsuzsanna Keller-Süle

I would like to thank you for your great job to make my CV presentable and truly reflecting my knowledge and experience.
With your highly professional advices and support I felt more confident and eventually I got a job.

Tanya Pelser

Thank you for a great workshop this morning, it was refreshing to hear some really basic ideas for the Dutch employment search which I'm sure will help start everyone off on a new career path! I will definitely be using the services of Together Abroad and one of my first actions is to revise my CV and submit this for a review.

James Stopford