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Together Abroad20-02-2017 11:21 AM
It is possible for companies to post jobs on Facebook. Interested parties can apply directly with their Facebook profile, and the job application is delivered via messenger to the company.

The feature is currently only available to US and Canadian Facebook pages, Facebook reported to TechCrunch. Companies with such a page can post a job that is then displayed under the heading ‘jobs’.

If you respond to a job, your full name and profile picture are automatically loaded. The rest you can fill in yourself.

Smaller Companies

Andrew Bosworth, vice president for advertising for Facebook, tells TechCrunch that many small businesses struggle to find staff. They are not searching for stuff on LinkedIn, but hang in their store often a piece of paper with “staff wanted”. Or they place the job in a normal post on Facebook.

Smaller companies looking for employees for a full-time or part-time job, according to Bosworth will really take advantage of the new feature. In addition, Facebook offers the ability to tag people under a job, so you can make others aware of an interesting job.

After submitting the application Bosworth hopes that the employer and applicant will communicate via Messenger to make an appointment....
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Together Abroad20-02-2017 11:13 AM
Approximately 122,000 self-employed (freelancers) last year felt the negative effects of the new law that was created to prevent pretence.That equates to about a fifth of the self-employed that missed one or more assignments, concluded the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) last Monday after conducting their own research.

On the one hand, clients feel uncertain about hiring freelancers. In addition, companies more often rely on an intermediary such as a broker or a payroll company to minimize the risks. The self-employed losetheir independence and sometimes their tax benefits, emphasized the Chamber of Commerce.

The so-called law DBA (deregulation review labor relations) must provide assurance for self-employed and the clients, that their working relationship is not considered as a disguised employment afterwards. But instead, the entrepreneurs ended up in great uncertainty, according to critics.


Responsible Secretary of State Eric Wiebes (Finance) has suspended the law until 2018, because of the uncertainty it generates. Only entrepreneurs who make conscious abuse of the rules are punished.

According to a spokeswoman for the Ministry, clients can safely do business with freelancers because the tax authorities are doing nothing until that time. “No fines, no additional tax assessments, no enforcement”, she stressed.

The Department currently...
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Together Abroad20-02-2017 10:21 AM
Seven fast growing companies initiate a pilot to start to exchange personnel.They hope to solve the specific problems they experience in human resources, reported business organizations SME Netherlands and Port4Growth last Monday. They work together with Brunel and Pink Elephant.

Eventually, the pilot project will become a major digital platform where fast-growing companies in the Netherlands will cooperate in the area of personnel needs.Initially, the seven internationally operating companies exchanged approximately two hundred employees in a variety of functions. They remain with their original employer and take voluntary part in the pilot. For example, people with specific knowledgeare being exchanged, or employees who are not necessarily requiredon full-time basis.


According to Director Leendert-Jan Visser of MKB in the Netherlands, the shortage of qualified people is one of the biggest obstacles to growth in companies.

“These entrepreneurs receive on their plate all kinds of HR challenges in a much faster rate and in a shorter time than other companies. Now they all have to solve these problems. With this pilot we are creatingstaff mobility and we facilitate that”, says Visser.

The first phase of the pilot extends to the summer. After an evaluation, the number of participating companies will be...
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Together Abroad13-02-2017 11:15 AM
In the last decades Waalwijk had a high level of unemployment, now the labor market will bea bonanza. The webshop will create hundreds of new job opportunities in the Brabant town. recently built a distribution center with the size of seven football fields, where hundreds of people will work. And that is not all, the center will open in the second half of this year and will probably be already too small.

In Waalwijk, currently 6.4% of the workforce is unemployed, and that is double since the crisis of 2008, when the unemployment rate was only 3.2%. Within a few years, unemployment rose to hundreds of people. In 2014 there were 1,445 people unemployed.

At the opening they will have approximately 50,000 square meters of land area. There is place for 2000 employees. Earlier this year it was announced that the shop already has plans for an extension. The company has “laid an eye” on a plot of similar size. If the planned expansion is achieved in the coming years, there will be hundreds more new jobs.

In the short term however, the municipality of Waalwijk does not expect a big boost on the demand for additional staff...
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Together Abroad13-02-2017 11:46 AM
Companies can be much more competitive and responsive to market changes as they abandon their old management, says Jelle Dijkstra, professor of NHL Hogeschool. Organizations have become too complex for one manager to be the decision maker: “It is too risky”.

The Dijkstra's message is simple: the boss should no longer be the boss. Classic management should be changed, and employeesshould work in teams. Experts in particular fields can automatically take the lead on issues where they are most skilled at. “So sometimes you might have two or four managers”, he explains. On this opinion Dijkstra is not alone: he fits in with the popular “scrum”and “agile” work, which for example, ING uses. The principle comes from big tech companies like Google and Spotify, where this method has been present, and is now being picked up in the Netherlands.

A Trend for a Few Years

A few years ago, the prevailing morality was different, says Dijkstra. Six years ago he wrote the book Shared Leadership and was then mockingly addressed. “The first review was devastating: we were savaged”. Not much later, there was a change, and the book became management book of the year.

It is a change that he...
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It has been a long journey since I arrived in The Netherlands, and I want to thank you for being available to receive me, believing in my profile and thank you for all your support, and I express my wish to keep our contact. I followed all your guidelines and recommendations, and I succeeded! Thank you for your best attention, let's keep in touch

Helder Costa

I would like to thank you for your great job to make my CV presentable and truly reflecting my knowledge and experience.
With your highly professional advices and support I felt more confident and eventually I got a job.

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