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Together Abroad18-01-2017 6:12 PM
Do you want to have a good balance in the bank? You would be well advised to become a Technical Manager Marketing & Sales. Or take one of these other five top jobs when it comes to a good salary.

Every year recruitment agency Hays draws up a list of emerging well-paying jobs. The salaries for these functions are boosted by a lack of available talent, complexity of work and the emergence of new technologies.

100,000 Euros: Technical Manager Marketing & Sales

According to Hays, marketing and sales manager in the technical and industrial sectors are doing quite well with their salary. They are responsible for (obtaining) the sales targets and for the internal collaboration between various departments. Downside: many of these jobs are not available, because once a personhas the position, they remain for a long duration. You cannot blame them, since they receive a ton of salary per year.

80,000 Euros: Business Intelligence Manager

The implementation of the Business Intelligence Manager function can vary by company, writes Hays, but you are usually responsible for the processing of strategic data within your company. “BI managers who are able to combine technical knowledge and business insight to the right people...
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Together Abroad17-01-2017 11:25 AM
Some managers prefer not to share the big picture and the concrete goals of the company with the employees. Sometimes short-termsecrecy may be necessary because Chief bosses must approve a new strategy first, but a structural hidden agenda is kills the motivation and productivity of employees.

A small, recent American survey of BetterWorks showed that 40% of employees do not see the connection between their work and the overall goals of the company. What exactly their own work contributes to the advancement of the company is unclear to them.

With More Transparency, Harder Work

64% of participants feel that the management is not completely transparent about the goals of the company, writes the Entrepreneur. 37% said that they will work harder if the company's top layer of management would be more open about their goals.

Also, another larger research shows that increased transparency by the boss makes the workforce work harder. According to a survey of 40,000 employees of Tiny Pulse, the most important factor in job satisfaction is a transparent attitude of the management.

Too Much Transparency Also Exists

That many employees have no idea of the goals of the company was also confirmed in the same study: only...
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Together Abroad15-01-2017 9:54 PM
One out of nine Dutch employees would leave their current job as soon as possible if they could do the same work for another boss. Another half of all employees is less resolute, but is certainly open to it.Only a minority (33%) is so loyal to their employer that they categorically refuse to move, according to an annual survey of 1100 employees by the salary processor Raet.

Substantial Differences from Last Year

Differences with last year are significant. Thus, the number of people that are expected to work elsewhere within two years doubled. It was 7% in 2016, now it stands at 13%. As formillennials (employees up to 35 years old), a quarter expected to leave their current employer within two years.

Few Career Opportunities

The main reason to consider a switch is that they are dissatisfied with the lack of career prospects with their current employer. From research among young people carried out last year, it was found out that regularly changing jobs is considered an important way to continuously develop.

Source: http://www.rtlnieuws.nl Photo credit: Designed by Freepik
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Together Abroad11-01-2017 3:09 PM
Hooray, almost everyone will have improved finances. Anyone who works monthly will receive more money, although the rise is extremely small in some wage categories, says salary processor ADP.

The tool is based on the same salary in 2016 as in 2017 and takes into account taxes, and in many cases it also accounts for pension contributions. In addition, retired people can see how much net pension they will receive. It involves standard situations; therefore your personal paycheque can always turn out differently in practice.

Here you can check the tool that calculates how much money you will get in 2017

People earning €37,000 a year will benefit by €3 a month, while those on double that income will have €10 more to spend.The national statistics office CBS said earlier on Friday that pay in sectors where collective bargaining applies went up by an average of 1.9% last year – the highest rise in seven years.

Sources: http://www.dutchnews.nl

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Together Abroad09-01-2017 10:33 PM
A year ago the company Bynder offered unlimited vacation days for all employees. After 365 days, the director Chris Hall reflects: “It's going very well”. Bynder provides a cloud service for marketers, a program that is a combination of an online Photoshop program and an image bank. Last summer, the start-up got another 20 million Euros.

The experiment of Hall began last January. One of his goals was to spread the holidays so that the infamous ‘reservoir’ of days off would solve itself,one of the problems that more organizations have to deal with.This has been successful, he says. “In the last year, people often took a few days in between when they could, and went a long weekend away. We have now completely eliminated the accumulated days that remained on the balance sheet”.

11% More Used Free Days

The number of used free days increased by 11%. In America, where there are traditionally less free days, employees took more days: 40% to be exact.Hall explains the relatively small increase in the Netherlands with a comparison: “It is like my apartment. There I have a balcony. The fact that I can use it if I want is worth a lot to...
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