Job Interview quesions for jobs related with Music

Usually, the most important in dancing as well as in music is how good and skilled you are at actual performance . You can have as many good characteristics and experience but if you are bad at playing – you are not an interesting candidate. Therefore, in any interview you should bring your instrument (if needed ) and your excellent performance. As better you play as more chances you have to be accepted. However, you should also be prepared for some other questions that can also be valid for the final decision concerning your acceptance at the particular job.

Classical Music Performance

• Have you participated in any competitions or valuable concerts? Did you play solo or in orchestra?
• What experience and education do you have?
• How many hours do you spend on practicing?
• How and why have you chosen the particular instrument? Tell us your first experience?
• Imagine you are able to play any musical peace perfectly in any part of the world. Which composer and composition would you play? Where? Which audience?
• What do you see as your weak points in performance? How do you try to deal with them?
• Who is your favorite composer? Why?
• How and where do you see yourself in the future?

Music Band

• What type of music do you listen right now? Can you compare it to the type of music you listened in your childhood and tell us the difference?
• Who is your favorite performer? How was your music style impacted by him|her?
• What different and new can you give to the music industry?
• Why should we choose you? Can you convince us that we need you?
• Tell us about your experience in the musical carrier?
• Can you tell us about the history of your band, its name, participants and the most valuable moments in it?
• Tell us about one challenge that you have experienced as a band and how have you deal with it?
• If you are given a chance to play in one of the most famous group which one would you choose?
• How do you see your band in the future?

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