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Relocation isn't just a question of finding a house, especially for international expatriates! It's about creating an enjoyable life in a brand new culture for themselves and their families. Our professional staff’s main priority
is to make the difference between an normal service and a successful new start. They make sure to ensure a smooth transition during the whole relocation and settling in. This enables the employee to focus on his/her new job, quickly and stress-free, generating a healthy return on investment.

The people at Eurohome make the difference. By taking a proactive approach and having the right skills, they take care of the expat through the entire relocation process.
Their feeling for quality comes from the heart and forms the basis for a smooth relocation process, with an eye for detail and accuracy. Eurohome in a nutshell:
Has been active in the relocation market for more than 20 years.
Has branch offices in Russia and the Czech Republic.
Operates globally with carefully selected partners.
Serves the corporate accounts market with an extensive team of fully employed, multilingual, experienced specialists.
Is part of the Voerman Group of companies.
Is a preferred partner for many international relocation management companies.
Is a member of leading international relocation networks, such as ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and EuRA (European Relocation Association).

Our services

HR Services
International mobility is a short description for a long process, requiring many different professionals. These professionals are often hard to find. The involvement of Eurohome will create a more cost effective and time-saving corporate relocation process. In short, it will not add to your costs but will save money.

Coaching and policy advice
Expense management
Immigration assistance
Tenancy management

Some of the benefits of getting Eurohome involved:
lower “early return” rate to country of origin
continuity in your relocation policy and processes
professional guidance and advice for both the expat and the HR department
tailor-made expat programs, designed and maintained by experienced professionals
single point of contact for both the expat and HR department
cost control from beginning to end, with an eye for detail
protection of company interests and maintenance of company procedures
creative and realistic solutions in unforeseen and sometimes complicated situations
taking over time-consuming and costly activities from the employee, who can focus on the real job

Expatriate services
Pre-arrival program
Short-term accommodation assistance program
Home search assistance program
School search assistance program
Settling-in assistance program
Departure service
Additional services
Immigration Assistance

Eurohome manages everything under all circumstances at all times, wherever you are in the world! How does the employee benefit from your choosing Eurohome?
One main point of contact during the entire relocation process, with professional back-up at all times.
Proactive information and timely actions on important elements of the process.
High-level and reliable advice on major decisions that need to be made.
Translation of business-level decisions to practical personal solutions.
Local assistance through a network of experienced professional consultants.
High integrity at all times.
The expatriate family feels more at home and settles in well.
On-going support during the entire assignment.

Our story

At Eurohome, the servant-leadership philosophy is deeply embedded in all of our activities. We serve our own people by nurturing them and empowering them to grow and develop their talents.

We serve our customers & suppliers by listening and continuously improving. Our passion for providing service means we are constantly discovering new ways to surprise and delight our customers. We are driven by innovation & a sense of responsibility all conducted within a financially healthy infrastructure.

Our approach

Language barriers and different cultures often make it hard for expatriates to find their way around in a new country. Eurohome operates throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Our staff - have been expatriates themselves - are all professionals, dedicated to assisting the families. They'll help you and your family settle in and gain confidence in your new living environment.

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