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Accountancy and law firms have not changed in decades. They still work on a time spent basis, which rewards them for being slow. At FIRM24 we believe this needs to change: the satisfaction of the customer depends on the result, not the degree of effort.
We believe that in today’s world clients should have transparancy in service, process and pricing. Firm24 is committed to offer you exactly this: online corporate services at a fixed price!
We are the first platform in the Netherlands in this field, and we work together with renowned business partners, who all belong to the Dutch top 10 in their respective market segment. started in 2012 with notary services. After one year more than 1,000 companies incorporated their legal entities via the website As more corporate services providers jointed the platform became the first ‘one-stop-shop’ were you can have your (international) legal,- notary-, tax & accounting matters serviced under one roof.

Fixed prices
Fixed fee services provide security and reliability in preparing your budget. FIRM24 offers notary, accountancy and legal services for a fixed fee, from incorporating a Dutch entity (BV), to preparing and submitting your financial statements, tax returns and payroll administration. Fixed fees for corporate services, that is service as of today!

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No matter what jurisdiction you’re situated taxes remain complex. But what is the best way to deal with all this? The specialists of FIRM24 are here to help you with all your questions. Whatever the size of your business, we’ll work together with you to help you manage your tax affairs.
Whether you need help with a VAT, payroll tax or corporate tax issue, a compliance question or a dispute with the tax authorities, we’ll have the people that know how to handle things.

We also provide a wide range of services for Expats and independent professionals (e.g. freelancers / independent consultants). Setting up a Dutch company, apply for a VAT number, payroll services, 30% ruling and much more.

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