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AMERICA CHUNG NAM is the largest exporter of recovered paper in America and is a leading exporter of recovered paper in Europe and Asia. We export mainly to China.

Working with ACN is easy, friendly, and fast. We believe in long-term relationships that provide mutual benefits to both ACN and our suppliers. We will communicate clearly, timely, and often to ensure that we exceed expectations. We provide exceptional value to each supplier we do business with from all parts of the world. We offer our suppliers the following:

Direct access to the largest containerboard manufacturer in China
Demonstrated ability to move recovered paper consistently
Worldwide recovered paper sourcing
Onsite inspection and timely information
AQSIQ registered Certified recovered paper exporter

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Unparalleled Market Knowledge

ACN has in-depth knowledge of current market and industry trends. At the local level, we speak the language and have a thorough understanding of business practices and an appropriate business perspective. We also have extensive knowledge of local customs regulations and CCIC-certified inspectors in each region who act as stewards of industry best practices. Our experienced buyers are proactive with suppliers, and provide frequent updates on market trends and tailored, value-added solutions.

From the start of the order process through fulfillment, we pay meticulous attention to the details of every transaction. Our dedicated teams of marketing, customer service, and logistics professionals provide efficient order processing, fast materials pick-up, and timely shipment bookings. We have access to virtually all global shipping, rail, and trucking routes, as well as ports in all parts of the world.

Regardless of where the material is sourced, we cost-effectively and reliably transport it to our customers’ domestic or international locations.

Direct Supplier to the World’s Leading Consumers of Recovered Paper

We Ship Enough Recovered Paper Every Year To Save ...

· 153 million trees
· 27 million barrels of oil
· 63 billion gallons of water
(240 billion liters)
· 18,500 acres of landfill
(7,500 hectares)

ACN’s expansion strategy led to the opening of our first regional office in New Jersey in 1995, which enabled us to aggressively pursue new business opportunities on the East Coast and satisfy the growing needs of new customers in the Midwest and Canada. Still, the demand for recovered paper continued to grow. In response, we opened offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Japan, and cultivated new relationships across Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia-Pacific. From these major hubs, we have the ability to source materials from almost anywhere in the world.

Today we export over 10 million tons of recovered paper from North America, Europe, and Asia annually. Our strong relationships with Nine Dragons, other paper mills, our suppliers, and our transportation partners enable us to adapt to the changing marketplace during volatile conditions. As a partner of ACN, count on us to be there when needed — because our continued success depends on yours.

In the years to come, our success will come from the commitment we made 20 years ago to work with our business partners and Nine Dragons to fuel ongoing growth and foster mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Nine Dragons will continue to expand, with plans to have 35 production lines and an annual capacity of approximately 14 million metric tons by 2013 — putting it well on its way to becoming the largest paper mill in the world. As it does, we will continue to grow and strengthen our relationship with Nine Dragons and other paper mills to meet the growing global demand for recovered paper.

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