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Merck is a global pharmaceutical, chemical and life science company with a history that began in 1668 and a future shaped by approximately 40,000 employees in 67 countries.

Merck products are known and established throughout the world. Whether our innovative medicines of chemical and biological origin, over-the-counter products, liquid crystals for LC displays, Merck pigments for the coatings, plastics and printing industries as well as products and services for pharmaceutical research and biotechnology – products and services from Merck enjoy a high level of trust everywhere.
The operational business is managed under the umbrella of Merck KGaA headquartered in Darmstadt (Germany). Around 30% of the company’s total capital is publicly traded, while the Merck family owns an interest of about 70% via the general partner E. Merck KG.
The former U.S. subsidiary, Merck & Co., has been completely independent of the Merck Group since 1917.

Merck Millipore plays an integral part in the life science community, harnessing our passion and innovation to help researchers and drug producers around the world. As science advances, we advance with it, offering new insight and cutting-edge technologies helping our customers solve the world's most challenging human health issues.
Our promise to our customers is that we'll be there every step of the way. If you share our goals and values, and want to make your mark at a rapidly growing international company, join us and help advance the future of life science together. Merck Millipore is a division of Merck KGaA. Merck is a global pharmaceutical and chemical company with a history that began in 1668, and a future shaped by around 40,000 employees in 64 countries around the world.

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At Merck Millipore, you receive high-quality industrial and laboratory chemicals – plus an attractive added value: You can be completely relaxed when you work with Merck Millipore. Why? Because our products are extremely safe and reliable. Because they are developed and produced in close partnership with you. And because we never stop looking for ways to make things better and to open up new business areas for you. In brief, because your success is our success.

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A stable foundation: Mission Statement, Values, Strategy

“We at Merck do what we say and then measure ourselves on this basis.” The motto of our Mission Statement embodies our values and shapes the way the company is managed. In order for the Mission Statement to be reliably implemented, we have created tools and control systems. This enables us to actively shape our global corporate culture and measure ourselves even better against our own principles."
Our corporate strategy is targeted to business success, but equally respects the interests of customers, providers of capital, employees and society.
The company values and strategy give our employees clear orientation for their daily work.

The Mission Statement defines our self-image as a successful and responsible company. It also articulates our objectives, which are targeted to the interests of customers, providers of capital, employees and society. One of the core principles of the Mission Statement is: "Entrepreneurial success starts with people. Our goal is to operate a worldwide business that produces meaningful benefits for consumers, our market partners and our community."

Our company values are the yardstick for our thinking and actions. They are the essence of what ties us together today and tomorrow.
"At Merck, we do business on the basis of common values. Our success is based on courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity, and transparency. These values determine our actions in our daily dealing with customers and business partners as well as in our teamwork and our collaboration with each other."

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