Our client Undutchables organizes a Live HR Event: Creating Passionate Professionals ** Employer branding

van Orsouw31-05-2022 2:16 PM
    Undutchables HR Event: Creating Passionate Professionals       Thursday, June 16th       Undutchables invites you and your colleagues to join us at our annual HR event on Thursday the 16th of June. After 2 years we are back with the latest edition of our annual HR Event. This time the theme is passion. How can you create passionate professionals in your organisation? An afternoon filled with interesting speakers who are passionate about their work. Come and join us. We look forward to meeting you all again in person. Register here Event details Time: 13.30 – 17.30   Date: Thursday - 16th of June   Location: Postillion Hotel, Amsterdam Program: 13.30 – 14.00 Entrance 14.00 – 14.05 Introduction by Undutchables
  14.05 – 14.35 Keynote speaker - Arno Folkerts
  14.35 – 14.45 Short break with drinks and snacks
  14.45 – 15.45 Workshops
  16.00 –...
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Togther Abroad16-04-2019 3:53 PM
Employer Branding and What It Comprises?
In an era driven by Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Employer Branding is the much-needed human touch to a company. According to LinkedIn, 80% of HR managers and recruiters around the world agree that a great brand makes it easier to recruit the right talent. Before diving into the details of employer branding, it is essential to highlight the differences between certain terminologies that are often misused synonymously.

Corporate Brand (CB), or simply ‘the brand,’ encompasses a firm’s business and the product or service they sell – brand as a service provider. CB can be perceived as the image of a company that helps consumers differentiate between them and their competitors. Employer Branding (EB) focuses exclusively on its future and current employees – brand as a recruiter. EB plays a vital role in talent acquisition, as it denotes the reputation of the company. This reflects on how potential candidates and employees view you as an employer. The main goal of EB is to establish your company as a desirable employer.

Once you have established your brand, it is time to market! You have to find ways to deliver the message to the right candidates, at the...
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Together Abroad20-07-2018 2:05 PM

Branding is essential for every company to attract new partners, customers and candidates. Branding helps build strong and long-term relationships by increasing the brand awareness within the industry. Nowadays, companies try to recruit talents that they can benefit from, including at a reduced cost of hire, and with useful results and positive recognition. In fact, there are specific practices of branding that employers can apply to recruit talent effectively.

According to a 2014 research from HR analyst Aptitude Research Partners, 1 in 4 companies is not confident about their employer branding. Employer branding consists of a combination of functional, economical and psychological benefits that a company provides to the employees, including its identity, working culture and values. Thus, to recruit talents, employers should be able to provide such a package that would persuade candidates it is the best choice for their personal and professional development.

Therefore, using company branding to attract talents is about convincing candidates how much your company can offer them compared to the competition. Top candidates have several options to choose from, and their final decision will be a combination of salary, professional benefits, as well as what they can contribute to the company and what they...
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Together Abroad20-07-2018 1:44 PM
Employee development matters. Successful companies not only invest in human capital, they also know how relevant it is to focus on employees’ welfare and continued learning to maintain engagement and creativity inside their organizations. Helping people reach their fullest potential means investing in the future by fostering productivity and retaining talent within the group.

Studies have shown that organizations with a career development program demonstrate up to 250% higher productivity (Scales, 2012); 25% higher employee retention (Deloitte Research Brief, 2012); 10% sales improvement (Sales Enablement Optimization Study, 2016); and 13% stronger business results (Bersin, 2011). Besides improving productivity, retention, sales, and business results, the overall benefits of investing in employee development :

• Engaging and retaining top workers
• Building loyalty among employees
• Creating capable and promotable people
• Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your workforce
• Fostering good working environment
• Improving efficiency and proficiency
• Increasing sales and output
• Balancing and projecting the future path of your business
• Increasing the company’s reputation of good employer
• Attracting new talent with the best benefits

Every year training top 125 organizations in the world, prizing and recognizing the winners for excelling at human capital development. 2018’s top...
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Together Abroad20-07-2018 1:36 PM
Business culture thrives on managers. Managers drive their organizations. And nothing is more important than the place where they perform. That is why it is vital for companies to position the right person at the right place. But great managers are scarce. In general, it is difficult to find the exact combination of professional and human skills required to successfully lead a group of people within one person. Some of those talents, however, can be taught.

Management style will slightly differ between countries depending on their business culture. In the Netherlands’ egalitarian society, for example, managers and subordinates are expected to work together as co-workers to achieve business success. Dutch managers normally recognize and value the specialized knowledge that employees at all levels bring during the discussions before decision-making processes. In turn, employees will not expect their manager to be an expert, but rather a problem solver or facilitator. The successful manager will then harness the talent of the group and develop the resulting synergies.

But there are qualities inherent to some managers that make them rise above others. Great managers, for example, focus on discovering what is unique about each employee and then turn that person’s particular talent into performance....
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van Orsouw30-04-2018 3:54 PM

Why Partner Employment is a Key Issue for Company's Hiring Expats

Why should partner| Spouse employment be a key issue for international employers looking to hire overseas applicants into their business? Well, according to a unique study by the Permits Foundation, titled the International Survey of Expatriate Spouses and Partners, 60% of the global workforce would be 'unlikely to relocate to a country where it is difficult for their partner or spouse to find work'. This was a very expansive study, which took in the views of 3,300 expatriate spouses and partners from 122 nationalities working in 117 host countries.

Therefore, this study deserves to be taken very seriously by international employers and recruiters, because if employers can somehow make it easier for partners to get employment, then their company will become more attractive to international jobseekers. This means you may have an edge over your competition and may find it easier to attract top international talent for your hardest to fill roles.

Partners of expats want to work but struggle to find work

The study also highlighted the extent to which partners of expatriates were failing to find employment when in...
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Together Abroad02-11-2017 2:18 PM

In order for organizations to stay competitive in a global economy, workers need to be educated, highly skilled and quickly adaptable to innovation trends. Such a workforce will help support current and future business and industry needs, while enhancing employment opportunities and quality of life.

Global researchers are focused on two aspects of optimization of the innovation in the workforce. One is the technical aspect, which refers to the process of innovation itself by developing and implementing the newest technology for strategic business objectives. The other aspect is focused on the optimization in the process of introducing and using this new technology for optimal results. With regard to this, managers should take several guidelines into consideration when implementing new technologies in the work force for optimal results. Some guidelines refer to demographic characteristics (age, gender), while others refer to the traits, attitudes, skills, abilities, behaviours and inter-social processes:

- There are age differences in technology adoption. Younger workers are more influenced by the attitude towards using technology and by their motivation, while older workers are led by the perception of the social pressure to perform, and at their confidence level. Thus, when implementing new technology for the younger workers, trainers...
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Our Career programs assist you to Get hired

For an expat moving to the Netherlands, getting the right direction is very important. It's important that one knows which steps and direction to take. Linda is an exceptionally talent counselor, her advice has helped me land a job within a week of coming to the Netherlands. I am grateful for her mentoring and look forward to a great working relationship in the future.

Dr. Hrishiraj S | Clinical Research & Affairs Manager

 Linda provided expert advice on personal branding including developing a top-notch, market-aware CV, highly tailored job applications, and approach strategies with potential employers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, I found Linda to be highly knowledgeable in key related fields such as recruitment strategy, immigration law, contracts, labor agreements, and (un)employment benefits. I would recommend her to anyone who needs professional help with transitioning to a new career.

A. Aboufirass | Structural Engeer

Linda is a big mind. She thinks about things that the rest normally overlook. The insight she has about the dutch job market can only be achieved through years of experience and persistence.

Her business savvy is complemented by her mastery of understanding the client's needs and requirements. For my career I could say, she was the “Mary Poppins”, who guided me through thick and thin and helped me to land a career in the Netherlands

S. Bhattacharjee | FP&A Manager