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Dutch News is the leading provider of quality Dutch news in English for an international audience.
Some 15,000 people read every day, either online or through a free subscription to its daily digital newsletter.
Our aim is to provide broad coverage of the main Dutch news so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date with events. This means we cover all sorts of news, from politics and economic developments to crime and sport.

Our news copy is based on our...

Expatica Communication B.V. | EXPATFAIR

Local news and information for English speaking expatriates living in, working in, studying in, moving to the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, etc

How one man’s endless wait for a tram in the Netherlands planted the seed for a comprehensive online resource for expats in several countries across Europe:

Fulfilling a need for news in English

Canadian expat Bram Lebo wondered what was going on. He had been waiting at the tram stop...

Expats Amsterdam

If you want to live and work in the Netherlands you will need to arrange a couple of things.
Think of a work and residence permit and a home where you will live.
Will you rent or is it wiser to buy a house ?
You also have to deal with the Dutch tax legislation, pensions and social security.

It is pleasant if you have one point where you can go with all your questions and who can
guide you during your stay in the Netherlands.
Daas Consultancy is the guide...

Hello World

Hello World started from a personal experience. At Hello World we are Spaniards who are in love with the world and travel. We love Holland, its culture and people, and we have lived in London and in Holland as Au Pair, studying a Master degree and also for personal reasons. Thanks to these experiences we know what international people need when they arrive to The Netherlands and how to help them with their new adventure.

Hello World started as a personal blog helping people in July...

Move to Netherlands

This website aims to provide useful information about expat life in the Netherlands to ease your transition. Extensive information on immigration, working, studying, housing, schooling, taxation, medical, social security, expat life, and many other helpful topics based on the experience of expats to show you the ropes!

XPat Media

XPAT.NL is a site with many points of interest that will make your stay behind the dikes and dunes an enjoyable one and will help you find your way through the jungle of written and unwritten rules, customs, habits and traditions that this country has.

Our aim, at XPat Media, is to be the number one local information source for expatriates living in the Netherlands and those who are looking for general information on Dutch society. We specialize in English-language publications on...